Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Prostate Cancer Answer Book or The Ultimate Wellness Book

The Prostate Cancer Answer Book: An Unbiased Guide to Treatment Choices

Author: Marion E Morra

What do I need to know about my prostate?What does a PSA test measure, andwhen is it not "normal""What do my symptoms indicate?How do I choose the right doctor?What is the proper treatment for me?Is surgery the only option?For men and their families, here is the essential guide to the various testing procedures and treatment for prostate enlargement, infection, and cancer — the first book that enables you to fully understandyour diagnosis and the many options available. The authors of the highly respected Choices offer invaluable detailed information about: • The nature of prostate cancer• Testing procedures
• Treatment choices, including prostatectomy, hormonal manipulation, radiation seeding, cryosurgery, and more• Diet, vaccines, homepathic, and experimental treatments• Sexual activity and side effects —what to expect during treatment and recovery• Insurance and Medicare coverage• Organizations and support groups

and moreStraightforward, authoritative, based on the mostup-to-date and comprehensive research,The Prostate Cancer Answer Bookaddresses all the question you can, and should, beasking — enabling you to take knowledgeable stepstoward peace of mind and a positive outcome.

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The Ultimate Wellness Book: Great Tips For A Healthier Lifestyle

Author: Sherman A Moss

The Ultimate Wellness Book is a carefully designed book, which provides tips to help the reader live a healthier lifestyle. In The Ultimate Wellness Book, Sherman Moss explains the importance of establishing and maintaining a healthy diet, and exercise program. He presents the reader with a doable approach to building a life long wellness plan.

This book will challenge the reader to review their overall health. The Ultimate Wellness Book will empower the reader with new insights on health and fitness. This book provides the necessary motivation to help change and revitalize lives. Lastly, The Ultimate Wellness Book is a critical and vital tool for anyone who wants to live a more energizing life.

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