Friday, February 13, 2009

African American Womens Health and Social Issues or New Medicines

African American Women's Health and Social Issues

Author: Catherine Fisher Collins

Written by a team of experts, including doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, and chemists, this updated edition of this handbook focuses on the diseases that pose the greatest threat to African American women today. Topics include African American women and heart disease, sickle cell, breast cancer, diabetes, HIV and AIDS, as well as mental illness. Social issues that affect health are examined, including poverty, homelessness, stress, racism, sexism, and treatment disparities.

Table of Contents:
Introduction : commentary on the health and social status of African American women1
1African American women and heart disease12
2Breast cancer in African American women36
3Understanding sickle cell disease in African American women46
4Sickle cell disease : what's going on? : insights for women65
5Diabetes and African American women82
6HIV/AIDS : confronting the health risk factors93
7Social construction and social transmission of HIV/AIDS109
8Allowing illness in order to heal : sojourning the African American woman and the AIDS pandemic130
9African American women and depression142
10Homeless women : caught in a web of poverty158
11Informed decisions : paving the way to informed consent177
12Women in the shadows : seeking health, seeking self189
13Women of color and the roots of coping : a literary perspective199

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New Medicines: How Drugs Are Created, Approved, Marketed and Sold

Author: Bernice Schacter

Today, most people use prescription medications. Every year, the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry produces new medicines that treat everything from arthritis to AIDS, from high cholesterol to depression. But, despite recent controversies regarding the safety of drugs, consumers know little about the medications that they ingest and inject. How are these new medicines invented? How do consumers know that drugs are safe and effective? How are they tested? Who regulates their production - and who watches the regulators? How do drug companies produce the vast quantities needed for the marketplace, and why do they market their drugs as they do? The New Medicines leads the reader through the maze of the modern drug industry - from bench to bedside - and provides consumers with a step-by-step understanding of how new medicines are created, approved, marketed, and sold.

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