Thursday, February 19, 2009

From Lifeguard to Sun King or Beauty by Nature

From Lifeguard to Sun King: The Man Behind the Banana Boat Success Story

Author: Robert Bell

From Lifeguard to Sun King is a compelling account of the life of Robert Bell; the founder of the Banana Boat sun care brand and one of America's most innovative entrepreneurs. Bell and his co-author Joe Carlen recount how and why his unique approach to product development, distribution, and marketing led him from the lifeguard chair to the throne of the "Sun King": The man who created the Sun Care industry and built a consumer products empire. However, with all its shocking and frequently humorous anecdotes, this business autobiography is about much more than dollars and cents. It is the story of a man who overcame all obstacles to reach "impossible" dreams while having plenty of laughs along the way!

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Beauty by Nature

Author: Brigitte Mars

Taking care of your self has never been so natural! Nature has and always will hold the answers to deep and radiant beauty. In Beauty By Nature author Brigitte Mars provides expert guidance to help you unveil your most beautiful self. Complete with easy-to-make recipes for luxurious hair, radiant skin, and beautiful nails that are good for you and good for the environment, this collection of useful and pleasurable health and beauty secrets is meant to be treasured. And they're fun!

Here are a few of the ways to invoke the blessings of natural beauty:

  • relax in soothing baths infused with fragrant essential oils
  • pamper yourself with moisturizers and facials made from herbs
  • awaken your senses with stimulating body scrubs and toners
  • rejuvenate with simple yoga postures and gentle acupressure
  • nourish yourself with energizing nutrients
  • maintain a healthful weight through eating the right food and herbs

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