Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cancer or AyurVedic Cooking for Westerners

Cancer: A Medical and Spiritual Guide for Patients and Their Families

Author: William A Fintel

Modern medicine has made amazing advances in the treatment of cancer, but most people still react with shock and fear when they receive the diagnosis. Cancer doesn't just affect the patient physically; it has emotional and spiritual implications as well. This comprehensive guide to cancer from a Christian perspective combines the hands-on experience of a medical doctor with the wisdom and compassion of a theologian. The book surveys a variety of topics including:

-cancer testing, diagnosis, and treatments

-alternative therapies

-the mind-body connection

-faith, fear, healing, and doubts

-life after the diagnosis

Written in accessible language, this complete manual will help cancer patients as well as their families and friends. It is an essential resource for pastors, counselors, Stephen ministers, and hospice groups.

Table of Contents:
Introduction: Why This Book?7
1.What Is Cancer? How Good Cells Go Wrong11
2.What Causes Cancer? Biological, Environmental, and Lifestyle Triggers22
3.Has It Spread? How Far? Tests and Procedures You Might Expect38
4.What Kind of Cancer Is It? Six Common Types of Cancer60
Breast Cancer61
Lung Cancer88
Prostate Cancer98
Colon and Rectal Cancer109
Ovarian Cancer121
Skin Cancer: Melanoma129
5.What Can You Do for Me, Doc? Surgery, Radiation, Chemotherapy, and Biological Treatments139
6.What Are My Rights? What to Expect as a Cancer Patient168
7.What about Alternative Medicine? Sorting Out True from False Promises176
8.Is There a Mind-Body Connection? What to Think of Some of Its Most Prominent Proponents195
9.Dare I Hope for Healing? A Balanced Approach to the Possibility of Getting Well212
10.Why Me, God? The Age-Old Problem of Evil--And Some Answers We Can't Accept238
11.Is Cancer Part of God's Plan? Some Promising Answers to the Age-Old Question244
12.What to Think When There Are No Answers: Coming to Terms with God's Mystery260
13.How Do I Cope? Sources of Spiritual Peace and Strength265
14.Why Not Suicide? Another Look at the Kevorkian Approach283
15.What Is Hospice? Dying with Dignity299
16.Is There Life after Cancer? How to Live Day to Day Once Everything Has Changed308
Appendix AA Little Peek at Cellular Transcription and Translation325
Appendix BInterventional Radiologists331
Appendix CImportant Sources for Cancer Support335

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AyurVedic Cooking for Westerners: Familiar Western Food Prepared with AyurVedic Principles

Author: Amadea Morningstar

Amadea Morningstar, co-author of the bestselling Ayurvedic Cookbook, received many requests for Western recipes that utilized Ayurvedic principles. Well, here it is! This is a "one of a kind" book that is sure to be a strong bestseller and represents a dramatic enhancement for people who want to practice Ayurvedic health practices in the West.

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