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The New Sugar Busters Cut Sugar to Trim Fat or Complete Book of Pilates for Men

The New Sugar Busters! Cut Sugar to Trim Fat

Author: H Leighton Steward

When SUGAR BUSTERS! hit the shelves almost five years ago, it quickly became a diet and lifestyle phenomenon, soaring to the number one spot on the New York Times bestseller list and embraced by millions of people across the country. Those satisfied individuals on the SUGAR BUSTERS! plan discovered that by simply choosing the correct carbohydrates and lowering their sugar intake, they could shed the pounds they failed to lose with other diets. Now the weight-loss program that swept the nation has been completely revised and updated–incorporating all the newest nutritional findings, health statistics, and scientific studies, including the latest on glycemic levels.

Based on sound dietary principles, SUGAR BUSTERS! remains a highly effective program that shows you how to reduce the sugar in your life (without feeling deprived) through easy-to-follow recipes and meal plans. In this new edition, you will discover

• A discussion on prevention, still the best medicine
• Amazing testimonials from men and women who are still losing weight and feeling fit the SUGAR BUSTERS! way
• Frequently asked questions–direct from the SUGAR BUSTERS! Web site– along with helpful answers
• A special section on childhood obesity–how to measure it and what to do about it
• Hard facts on soft drinks
• The latest on diabetes–and how SUGAR BUSTERS! can help prevent it
• A Body Mass Index (BMI) chart and Calculation Formula to determine if you are obese or merely overweight
• An expanded discussion of our ancestor’s diet, which was whole-grain, high-fiber, andlow-glycemic–just like SUGAR BUSTERS!
• Essential facts on women, weight loss, and nutrition
• New tips, updated charts, new recipes, and practical exercise suggestions
• Handy information on how SUGAR BUSTERS! compares with other diet plans, from Atkins to Ornish

So arm yourself with the facts and get the figure you’ve always wanted. When it comes to optimal wellness on the SUGAR BUSTERS! program, it’s survival of the fittest–a way of life in which everybody wins!

Publishers Weekly

Ever heard of a fat caveman? Today's dieters should follow their ancestors' lead, proclaim the authors of this update to their bestselling original. For hundreds of thousands of years, the human diet consisted of unrefined foods that were high in fiber, low in sugar and low on the glycemic index. Eating similarly now-avoiding white flour, white potatoes, white rice, sugar, soft drinks and highly processed foods in general (the "basic principles" of a diet that's been "field-tested by the human digestive system throughout the eons")-will help people lose weight and keep it off, the authors argue. Their reasoning is sound (high blood sugar triggers the release of insulin, the "fat-storage hormone" and the "CEO of metabolism"; the less the body lives in fat storage mode, the better), and the lifestyle they propose is simple (though it goes beyond just chucking the 5-lb bag of Domino into the trash). Try eating six small meals a day, don't eat after 8 p.m.; read the labels of all breads and cereals to find the hidden sugars and stock your refrigerator with vegetables and lean meats, the authors say. In chapters that are straightforward and focused, the authors consider childhood obesity and diabetes, discuss artificial sweeteners and alcohol, offer recipes from restaurants around the country and answer FAQs from Sugar Busters everywhere. For those with the willpower to cut out the convenience foods, this will be a helpful guide to eating better. (Jan.) Copyright 2003 Cahners Business Information.

Library Journal

This update of the sugar-busting original, which appeared four years ago, includes new tips, new recipes, a new introduction, and a special section for kids. Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.

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Complete Book of Pilates for Men: The Lifetime Plan for Strength, Power and Peak Performance

Author: Daniel Lyon

A comprehensive, take-anywhere exercise program designed to improve men's strength, flexibility, balance, and posture

Have years of office work wreaked havoc on your posture? Could your tennis or golf game use a boost? Do you appear or feel older than your age? Or do you carry yourself in a manner that expresses strength, power, and peak performance to everyone around you?

In recent years, Pilates has become a popular exercise program, especially among women. Many books on the subject show lithe female bodies stretched across their covers. Top Pilates instructor Daniel Lyon Jr. aims to break the preconception that Pilates only benefits and appeals to women. "This couldn't be further from the truth," he asserts. "Joseph Pilates was a cigar-smoking boxer, acrobat, and gymnast, and he developed his exercise program from that background for men first." Likewise, Lyon designed this book specifically with men in mind, as the number of male Pilates practitioners -- among them professional athletes, actors, businessmen, and other high-profile personalities -- has rocketed to about three million and continues to grow.

For athletes, working stiffs, and men recovering from injuries, Lyon offers the first comprehensive exercise program of its kind. He walks you through forty "traditional mat" exercises and more than sixty "reformer on the mat" exercises -- each one brilliantly illustrated -- in an inspiring self-guided program that adapts to all experience levels and requires nothing more than floor space, an exercise mat, and the desire to look and feel your best. Using the Pilates method of engaging the strongest parts of the body, or the"powerhouse" (Joseph Pilates's term for the abdominals, hips, lower back muscles, and buttocks), and integrating all other body parts from this core, Lyon's program targets trouble spots for men and helps them achieve strong, lean, masculine physiques.

The Complete Book of Pilates for Men will deliver quick and long-term results to any man who seeks optimal fitness and a competitive edge in all aspects of his life.

Publishers Weekly

Former trader turned TriBeCa Pilates instructor Lyon argues men and women are different when it comes to the mat (men have more strength; women are more flexible). Guys tend to be especially tighter in the shoulders, back, legs and hips, so he has crafted a program for them. The idea is simple enough and the information is solid. There's a quick introduction on the history and basic principles underlying Pilates, followed by a section featuring 40 exercises of "traditional Pilates mat work" and another section with 66 more advanced "reformer on the mat" exercises. Accompanied by illustrations of Lyon in action, the exercises are well organized and easy to follow. The more material readers cover, however, the less convinced they'll be of the need for a book on the subject tailored exclusively for men. While it's true that Pilates classes generally have appealed more to women, the same can surely be said for yoga, aerobics and other comparable low-impact workouts. The gender angle makes for a catchy title and a clever hook, but ultimately seems like a bit of a stretch. (Oct.) Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

Library Journal

These books offer self-guided exercises designed to increase strength and flexibility and address differing levels of physical fitness and athletic ability. Lyon, a Pilates instructor based in New York City, aims to dispel the myth that Pilates is only for women; his clear, organized text explains and illustrates 40 traditional mat exercises and 60 reformer-on-the-mat exercises for men. (Reformer refers to an apparatus commonly found in Pilates studios.) The Pilates philosophy recognizes an integral connection between the mind and the body and focuses on the strongest part of the body-the abdomen or "core" from which all movements derive. These routines, according to Lyon, are supposed to be natural for our bodies, and their practice should increase strength, coordination, and confidence. Cooley, founder of the California-based Meridian Stretching Centers, has trained professional athletes with his program of 16 "magic" stretching exercises that are linked to the body's "meridians," or energy pathways identified in traditional Chinese medicine. Unlike conventional stretching, these exercises employ resistance. A total of 64 stretch movements are presented in workouts at four different levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and assisted advanced. Each exercise is clearly explained and accompanied by photographs. However, Cooley makes fervent claims about the psychological benefits of his regimen: the Seated Lotus Opener exercise, for example, is supposed to "help to give you greater understanding and confidence, and a better sense of humor." Lyon's book, though comparatively conservative, is inspiring nonetheless and will probably find a larger audience; recommended for public and academic libraries. Larger health collections with a New Age emphasis may find room for Cooley's manual.-Deborah Anne Broocker, Georgia Perimeter Coll. Lib., Dunwoody Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

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