Thursday, December 25, 2008

Rookie Dad or New Art of Erotic Massage

Rookie Dad: Fun and Easy Exercises and Games for Dads and Babies in Their First Year

Author: Susan Fox

Get in the game of fatherhood!

All new dads want to bond with their babies -- but how? With seventy-two safe, simple exercises, each illustrated with a fun photograph, Rookie Dad helps busy fathers make a real connection with their little ones -- and have a ball doing it!

  • "Shake Hands with Dad" promotes motor coordination

  • "Eyes on the Ball" boosts eye-tracking skills

  • "Flashlight Tag" is fun at lights-out time

  • "Crunch Time" helps baby learn balance while tightening Daddy's abs

  • "Box Score" is a fantastic tool for bedtime,helping babies enjoy snug spaces

These and other age-appropriate activities, designed for the newborn to the twelve-month-old, help develop fundamental skills needed for sitting, crawling, walking, and more. They also plant the seeds for a lifelong love of sports and physical fitness. But all Baby knows is Dad is really fun to be with!

Be a champion to the MVP in your life -- by sharing the joyful and unique approach to quality time illustrated in Rookie Dad.

Library Journal

Fox, director of Seattle's Pediatric Therapy Clinic, offers this gentle, sports-themed book filled with 72 activities. Her easy, stimulating games encourage father-child intimacy from birth (e.g., the aptly titled "Daddy Huddle" in which the new team snuggle together) to about 18 months (e.g., "Halftime Band" involves music). Chapters are grouped by the age of the child and feature short advisory sections. Writing in an authoritative voice that will reassure new, and most likely nervous, fathers, Fox resorts to familiar sports metaphors, as when she compares learning diapering to rookie basketball: "Did your coach stick you in the middle of a game with a bunch of experienced guys and expect you to play like a pro? No [and yet] eventually you put all the pieces together and learned to play basketball." Accompanying photographs vividly demonstrate the joy of bonding. Appropriate for gifts and public libraries. Douglas C. Lord, Hartford P.L., CT Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information.

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New Art of Erotic Massage

Author: Andrew York

Sensual and erotic massage can restore the sparkle to a sexual relationship, or deepen one that’s already strong. Thanks to this lavish, tastefully photographed guide—a longtime bestseller, back again with more color and even more depth—all couples can enjoy this vital way of enriching their romantic life. It explains the difference between the sensual and the erotic approach, and gives the basic skills, strokes, and techniques for both. Limb by limb, muscle by muscle, it covers the entire body from the backs of the legs and arms to the shoulders and neck, from a spinal stretch to the toes. In addition, lovers will appreciate the extra advice on setting the scene and enhancing the massage with aromatherapy, shiatsu, acupressure, and reflexology.

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