Monday, December 29, 2008

When Your Child Is Cutting or The Fibromyalgia Solution

When Your Child Is Cutting: A Parent's Guide to Helping Children Overcome Self-Injury

Author: Merry E McVey Nobl

It's very hard for a parent to deal with a child in pain. And it's even harder when a parent feels that he or she has exhausted the knowledge and resources available that might help solve a particular problem. When a child is cutting or engaging in any other form of self-injury, these feelings of pain and helplessness are multiplied.

This book tells parents why self-injury happens, how to spot it when it is happening, and how to address this sensitive topic with confidence. It outlines a clear and simple plan for approaching a child who self-injures-because good communication is a necessary first step in healing. By helping them assess their situation and locate the best kinds of professional help, this book strives to support and reassure parents as they move through this difficult experience.

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The Fibromyalgia Solution: A Breakthrough Approach to Heal Your Body and Take Back Your Life

Author: David Dryland

Fibromyalgia is a common and chronic medical disorder
characterized by widespread pain and often coupled
with other symptoms such as fatigue, disturbed sleep,
chronic headaches, and other ailments. Recent research
shows that the disorder is directly related to decreased
levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine. The solution,
renowned rheumatologist Dr. David Dryland argues, is
to regulate levels of dopamine in the body through an
"off-label protocol" using the FDA-approved medications
Mirapex and Requip, which help mute pain
signals traveling from the body to the brain. This vital
and necessary book will also show readers how to:
- develop a protocol to successfully treat fibromyalgia
- identify what causes the disease and its debilitating
- determine which symptoms can be attributed to
fibromyalgia and which cannot
- use non-drug treatments for relieving the painful
symptoms of the disease
- and more.

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