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Bad Boys and Tough Tattoos or The Body Code

Bad Boys and Tough Tattoos: A Social History of the Tattoo with Gangs, Sailors and Street-Corner Punks, 1950-1965

Author: Samuel M Steward

Explore the dark subculture of 1950s tattoos!

In the early 1950s, when tattoos were the indelible mark of a lowlife, an erudite professor of English--a friend of Gertrude Stein, Thomas Mann, Andre Gide, and Thornton Wilder--abandoned his job to become a tattoo artist (and incidentally a researcher for Alfred Kinsey). Bad Boys and Tough Tattoos tells the story of his years working in a squalid arcade on Chicago's tough State Street. During that time he left his mark on a hundred thousand people, from youthful sailors who flaunted their tattoos as a rite of manhood to executives who had to hide their passion for well-ornamented flesh.

Bad Boys and Tough Tattoos is anything but politically correct. The gritty, film-noir details of Skid Row life are rendered with unflinching honesty and furtive tenderness. His lascivious relish for the young sailors swaggering or staggering in for a new tattoo does not blind him to the sordidness of the world they inhabited. From studly nineteen-year-olds who traded blow jobs for tattoos to hard-bitten dykes who scared the sailors out of the shop, the clientele was seedy at best: sailors, con men, drunks, hustlers, and Hells Angels.

These days, when tattoo art is sported by millionaires and the middle class as well as by gang members and punk rockers, the sheer squalor of Bad Boys and Tough Tattoos is a revelation. However much tattoo culture has changed, the advice and information is still sound:

  • how to select a good tattoo artist
  • what to expect during a tattooing session
  • how to ensure the artist uses sterile needles and other safety precautions
  • how to care for a new tattoo
  • why peopleget tattoos--25 sexual motivations for body art

    More than a history of the art or a roster of famous--and infamous--tattoo customers and artists, Bad Boys and Tough Tattoos is a raunchy, provocative look at a forgotten subculture.


Subtitled A social history of the tattoo with gangs, sailors, and street-corner punks, 1950-1965. Nearly 40 years ago, the author gave up his career as an English professor to become a tattoo artist. At the urging of his friend Dr. Alfred Kinsey, he kept a daily journal for many years about his experiences, from which this anecdotal analysis is derived. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

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The Body Code: A Personal Wellness and Weight Loss Plan at the World Famous Green Valley Spa

Author: Jay Cooper

If you've ever tried a trendy new diet and found it impossible to stick to....If you've wondered why the steak-and-salad regimen that worked miracles for your friend actually put three unwanted pounds on're about to find out what will work. You can lose weight and achieve optimal health by unlocking The Body Code.

At the renowned Green Valley Spa, nutritionist Jay Cooper has developed a remarkable quartet of customized wellness plans, with amazing results for thousands of satisfied clients. Now you can embark on a food and fitness program that is as individual as you are.

What type are you?

Jay Cooper explains how to eat and exercise for each of the four human genetic types:

  • The Warrior Type: rectangular or chesty build; extroverted, energetic, and practical
  • The Nurturer Type: curvy, pear-shaped build; compassionate, selfless, and magnetic
  • The Communicator Type: lanky or rangy build with long limbs; lively, creative, and unpredictable
  • The Visionary Type: naturally thin, youthful build; calm, reserved, and intellectual

Once you've identified your type (by simply answering a series of questions about your body shape, exercise tendencies, and preferred foods), you can begin a lifetime of energy-balancing strategies and diet solutions that are just right for you.

Discover the exclusive breakthrough plan from the Green Valley Spa—and enjoy the rejuvenating powers of Jay Cooper's expertise—with The Body Code.

Table of Contents:



PART ONE All Humans Are Not the Same

1. The Jay Way

2. The Four Human Genetic Types

3. Which Type Are You?

4. Controlling Biochemistry

PART TWO Unlocking Your Body Code

5. The Exercise Connection

6. Body Motion Guidelines

7. Nutrition Essentials for All Types

8. Balancing Principles

PART THREE Taking Control of Your Metabolism: The Body Code Genetic Type Plans

9. Finding the Keys to Your Success

10. The Warrior's Way

11. The Nurturer's Way

12. The Communicator's Way

13. The Visionary's Way

PART FOUR Helpful Hints from the Real World

14. Breaking the Setback Cycle and Other Ways to Stay on Track

15. Fine-Tuning

16. Most Commonly Asked Questions

17. The Seasons of Our Lives APPENDIX A: Recipes from the Green Valley Kitchen APPENDIX B: Bibliography APPENDIX C: Product and Resources Information APPENDIX D: Sample Group Agreements INDEX

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