Saturday, January 3, 2009

Resistance Band Workout or Dieting Causes Brain Damage

Resistance Band Workout: A Simple Way to Tone and Strengthen Your Muscles

Author: James Milligan

The first full Resistance Band workout book—the revolutionary stress-free way to a healthy body.

Highly effective, superbly portable, easy to store, and astonishingly inexpensive: no wonder exercisers looking for great results increasingly select resistance bands for their strength training. This rubber band-like piece of equipment works every bit as well as weights for toning muscles—and even better for stretching them. And there’s no need to go to the gym to use these powerful tools. With the incredible range of carefully photographed routines shown here (all conveniently color-coded for level, to match the color-coded bands), it’s simple to target every area of the body. Legs, arms, chest, abs: it’s all covered, with accurate body maps that show the muscle groups each exercise works on. Pick and choose from the wide array and put them together for a complete workout. Try resisted squats, hip extensions, shoulder presses, frontal raises, triceps push-downs, as well as warm-ups and cool-downs;, moves for alignment and posture; anywhere routines; and sports specific exercises. You’ll get awesome results.

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Dieting Causes Brain Damage

Author: Bradley Trevor Greiv

The biggest name in gift books is getting smallerїand you can, too. Bradley Trevor Greive, the 280-pound publishing giant, has started slimming down while coming to grips with the bloated eating habits and health beliefs of our modern world.

With his trademark wit and humorous animal photographs, BTG explains that the true motivation for losing excess weight and keeping it off is purely to enjoy a better quality of life, to get the most out of our brief time on this earth.

Dieting Causes Brain Damage identifies the most common causes of weight gain as well as the perils of extreme dieting, suggesting that the number-one lesson is to "Keep your mouth shut." This reduces the number of calories consumed and stops you from constantly whining and making excuses about your appearance.

You don't need a PhD., millions of dollars, plastic surgery, a library of fad diet books, or a Day-Glo Lycra bodysuit to get into shape. Eating well, enjoying quality sleep, and getting a little exercise is the key to weight loss and personal health and fitness.

This wonderful gift book is for anyone who would like to be in better shape and could use a few laughs along the wayїa uniquely refreshing guide to looking, feeling, and living well that is free from false promises, tasteless recipes, and leg warmers.

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