Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Miladys Guide to Owning and Operating a Nail Salon or Weight Wisdom

Milady's Guide to Owning and Operating a Nail Salon

Author: Joanne L Wiggins

This tape provides specific business references for every aspect of the nail service industry.

Table of Contents:
Ch. 1Preplanning5
Ch. 2Starting Out22
Ch. 3Employees47
Ch. 4Salon Operations68
Ch. 5Personal Development83
Ch. 6Business Development89
Ch. 7Health and Safety107
Ch. 8Services114
Appendix A: Associations137
Appendix B: Individual State Offices for Developmental Assistance139
Appendix C: State Boards of Cosmetology144

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Weight Wisdom: Affirmations to Free You from Food and Body Concerns

Author: Kathleen Burns Kingsbury

Therapists Kathleen Burns Kingsbury and Mary Ellen Williams have treated hundreds of eating disordered people in their many years of practice, from slender seven-year-old Madeline who "feels fat," to Clare, an overwhelmed mother who can only cope with stress by bingeing three times a day.

In Weight Wisdom, they draw on their vast experience to illuminate a clear and practical path to recovery, offering a unique collection of daily affirmations that focus on the irrational beliefs, thoughts, and fears behind eating disordered behavior. In this powerful guide, Kingsbury and Williams equip readers with simple reflections, vignettes, and everyday analogies that they have successfully used with their own clients to counter destructive feelings and shatter distorted ideas of food and weight. Pithy and positive statements replace compulsive, perfectionist rules with new strategies to cope with blame, guilt, vulnerability, and self-criticism. Concrete activities help people with eating problems get offthe scale, get in touch with their feelings, and make friends with their bodies. Written by experienced therapists who understand the needs and fears of people with eating problems, the book is a refreshing guide to lasting change and recovery.

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