Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Depression or Diabetes Mellitus

Depression: The Way Out of Your Prison

Author: Dorothy Row

First published in 1983 when it won the MIND Book of the Year Award, this best-selling book has help thousands of people leave behind the prison of depression. Dorothy Rowe gives depressed people a way of understanding their depression, which matches their experience and enables them to take charge of their life and change it. She shows that depression is not an illness or a mental disorder, but a defense against pain and fear, which we can be used whenever we suffer a disaster and discover that our life is not what we thought it was.

Depression is an unwanted consequence of how we see ourselves and the world. By understanding how we have interpreted events in our life, we can choose to change our interpretations and thus create for ourselves a happier, more fulfilling life.

Depression: The Way Out of Your Prison is for depressed people, and for all professionals and non-professionals who work with depressed people.

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Diabetes Mellitus: What Every African American Man and Woman Should Know

Author: James W Reed

The particular challenges that diabetes presents African Americans with are discussed in this medical guide that highlights how cultural differences, including heredity and diet, impact the prevalence of diabetes in the black community. Information on how the disease works, how it is treated, and how to handle the emotional challenges that accompany a chronic disease is provided. Preventative steps, disease management, exercise and diet, and proper medication are covered for those who suffer from the disease.

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