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Monsters under the Bed and Other Childhood Fears or An Invitation to Wellness

Monsters under the Bed and Other Childhood Fears: Helping Your Child Overcome Anxieties, Fears, and Phobias

Author: Stephen W Garber PhD

"Mommeeee, Daddeeee. . . I'm scared." What parent hasn't heard this at one time or another and been unsure of how to respond? All children are afraid of something at every stage of their lives. It's normal for an infant to be wary of strangers, for a small child to feel nervous around a big dog, or for a teenager to suffer from stage fright. But there are steps parents can take to make certain their child outgrows these developmental fears in a healthy way. This book teaches them to do just that. Monsters Under the Bed introduces parents to the fears common in children from infancy through adolescence, including fear of social events, cars, airplanes, heights, enclosed spaces, insects, and the weather, among others. It covers vital information on each, including how to tell the difference between a normal fear and a phobia, what not to do with a frightened child, how to desensitize a child to his or her fear, how to overcome a fear that has lasted too long, and how and when to respond to a child's fear. By implementing the easy-to-use strategies in Monsters Under the Bed parents can help children quell current fears and also develop coping skills for managing the new fears and anxieties that can emerge as a child grows. During the past twenty-one years, the authors - a behavioral psychologist, an educational consultant, and a former teacher - have developed the most comprehensive and practical system to date for teaching parents how to help their children overcome their physical, mental, and emotional reactions to fear. Here, the authors provide parents with the same hands-on approach that they have shared in their previous books, Good Behavior and If Your Child Is Hyperactive, Inattentive, Impulsive, Distractible. . . Helping the ADD/Hyperactive Child. Although Monsters Under the Bed is based on sound philosophy and research, it is not merely theory-oriented. It is a tool that can be used daily for understanding, minimizing, preventing, and overcoming your chi

Library Journal

Coping with children's fears has long been a challenge to parents, and the authors deal directly and practically with the subject. Following opening chapters on understanding and identifying a child's fear and some overall guidelines on teaching basic relaxation techniques, the authors introduce their basic plan for overcoming fear through imagination, information, observation, and exposure. Subsequent chapters apply these four techniques to specific fears, including fear of separation, animals, storms, and transportation, as well as fear of school, medicine, and death. Chapters are very specific in suggestions for helping children, and include lists of children's books, suggestions for ``positive self-talk,'' and more. Finally, the authors offer guidelines for seeking further help if the fear does not subside. Recommended for parenting collections.-- Kay Brodie, Chesapeake Coll., Wye Mills, Md.

Book review: As Melhores Práticas:Procedimentos de Peito Baseados em evidência

An Invitation to Wellness: Making Healthy Choices (with 1Pass Instant Access to HealthNOW, InfoTrac and Lab Booklet)

Author: Dianne Hales

AN INVITATION TO WELLNESS presents the dimensions of wellness within a manageable 15 chapters. This new text teaches students that wellness is about taking responsibility and making healthy choices. There is a strong emphasis on behavior change, including "The Wellness Coach" lists, "Making Healthy Choices" and "Your Action Plan" sections, and the "Wellness Journal. " From the engaging writing to the practical pedagogy, students are given the tools they need to understand the importance of good health, as well as how the topics relate to their own lives, which also help students see the relevance for why they are taking the course. Additionally, there are a series of teaching and learning resources that stand above the rest. Included is the new HealthNOW online assessment resource that will help students understand their knowledge of the material and provide interactive study tools that will engage them in the material. From the text, to the classroom, to the household, AN INVITATION TO WELLNESS will match the course objectives and drive students to live a healthy lifestyle.

Table of Contents:
1. An Invitation to Wellness. 2. Making Healthy Changes. 3. The Joy of Fitness. 4. Improving Your Cardiorespiratory Fitness. 5. Strengthening Your Muscles. 6. Staying Flexible. 7. Surviving and Thriving. 8. Making Healthy Food Choices. 9. Taking Control of Your Weight. 10. Keeping Your Heart Healthy. 11. Preventing Cancer and Other Illnesses. 12. Taking Care of Yourself. 13. Avoiding Substance Abuse. 14. Protecting Your Sexual Health. 15. Protecting Your Safety and Environment.

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