Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stressed Out Girls or Nutrients for Neuropathy

Stressed-Out Girls: Helping Them Thrive in the Age of Pressure

Author: Roni Cohen Sandler

How the achievement frenzy is harming today's teenage girls

Increased competition and an emphasis on excelling at all costs is creating debilitating pressure for adolescent girls. Based on clinical work, interviews, and a comprehensive survey of 3,000 teens, Dr. Cohen-Sandler gives concerned parents and teachers invaluable insights into what makes girls particularly vulnerable to harmful stress, the knowledge to identify those at greatest risk, and practical strategies to reduce their stress, build resiliency, and bolster self-confidence.

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Nutrients for Neuropathy

Author: John A Senneff

Here is a new, natural approach for dealing with this painful and debilitating condition. You will read how you can reduce or perhaps even eliminate the need for expensive medications with their unwelcome side effects. Written by the author of the much acclaimed Numb Toes books on peripheral neuropathy, Nutrients for Neuropathy is full of clinical studies and references, yet written in the reader-friendly style of those two books. Everything is covered in this science-based guide: The most bio-available nutrient supplement forms. Suggested dosages and best times to take. Safe upper limits and possible drug interactions. A specific nutrient supplement program. And much, much more.

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