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Here and Now or One Year to a Successful Massage Therapy Practice

Here and Now: Inspiring Stories of Cancer Survivors

Author: Elena Dorfman

Facing cancer is a life-changing event, one that prompts soul-searching and a reevaluation of all that one holds to be true. In the years following their own cancer treatments, authors Elena Dorfman and Heidi Schultz Adams were left wondering, What difference has cancer made in other people's lives? What does it mean to survive a life-threatening illness? In Here and Now, Dorfman and Adams offer photographic portraits and personal stories of 38 people — of all ages and from all walks of life — who have confronted cancer at some point in their lives. Their stories explore both the universal questions raised by a cancer diagnosis, and how their unique answers to those questions shaped each survivor into who they are today. Here and Now is a beautiful volume that will provide comfort and insight to everyone from the recently diagnosed to the 20-year survivor, eloquently demonstrating how seemingly insurmountable adversity can bring forth surprising courage and strength, both in us and those around us.

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The theory behind support groups is that sharing your experiences with others who have "been there" is mutually beneficial. Here & Now is a collection of narratives from men, women, and children of various ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds (including well-known actors, authors, and musicians) who describe their cancers and the ways they coped (or didn't) with a life-altering diagnosis. The authors (a photographer/author and a writer, respectively) are both cancer survivors. The portraits are unflinchingly direct, from the graphic descriptions of the cancers themselves (from breast cancer to leukemia to rhabdomyosarcoma) to the straightforward reactions to it: "I sold mugs that said, `Fuck Cancer.' " Many discuss complementary and alternative therapies, being in denial and being in control, wanting a better life and not fearing death. The narratives are mostly upbeat; lots are downright scary ("I had to have my ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes, cervix, and bladder removed"). For some cancer survivors (or "graduates"), this may be just too much. Others will find intriguing information, especially the options some people chose. There are similar books from breast cancer patients (e.g., Barbara Delinsky's Uplift), but this title is rare for its inclusion of so many forms of the disease. Libraries should certainly acquire. Bette-Lee Fox, "Library Journal" Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.

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One Year to a Successful Massage Therapy Practice

Author: Laura Allen

One Year to a Successful Massage Therapy Practice is designed for all massage practitioners, whether they are beginning their business or need to revitalize it. This new text utilizes no-cost and low-cost marketing methods in a week-to-week planning format. Readers are encouraged to be pro-active in their business and perform the activities set forth in each chapter, then journal their results. At the end of one year, the practitioner will have a documented, successful business plan.

Table of Contents:

One chapter for each week in the year

  • About the Author
  • Preface
  • Reviewers
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction: The Road to Success
  • The First P:Product
  • The Second P:Price
  • The Third P: Place
  • The Fourth P: Promotion
  • Part I: Mapping Out Your Journey

  • CHAPTER 1:Defining Your Goals
  • CHAPTER 2:Your Marketing Budget
  • CHAPTER 3::Developing Your Marketing Calendar
  • Part II: Preparing For Your Trip

  • CHAPTER 4:Choose A Name For Your Business
  • CHAPTER 5:Making Your Product Stand Out From the Crowd
  • CHAPTER 6:Your Elevator Speech
  • CHAPTER 7:Your Business Literature
  • CHAPTER 8:Your Menu of Services
  • CHAPTER 9:Your Telephone
  • CHAPTER 10:Taking Care of Yourself
  • Part III: The Path to Promotion

  • CHAPTER 11:Join a Professional Association
  • CHAPTER 12:Join the Chamber of Commerce
  • CHAPTER 13:Payment Options for Your Clients
  • CHAPTER 14:Your Mailing List
  • CHAPTER 15:A Grand Opening
  • CHAPTER 16:Get Involved In Your Community
  • CHAPTER 17:Community Service
  • CHAPTER 18:Mutual Referral Relationships
  • CHAPTER 19:Partners in Advertising
  • CHAPTER 20:Publishing a Newsletter
  • CHAPTER 21:Inexpensive Advertising On the Radio
  • CHAPTER 22:The Awesome Power of the Internet
  • CHAPTER 23:Rescheduling Clients
  • CHAPTER 24:Take A Survey
  • CHAPTER25:Two-fers
  • CHAPTER 26:Host a Holistic Health Fair
  • CHAPTER 27:Have a Mentor, Be a Mentor
  • CHAPTER 28:Your Automobile
  • CHAPTER 29:Bartering for Advertising
  • CHAPTER 30:Retailing
  • CHAPTER 31:Everybody Loves a Parade
  • CHAPTER 32:Have Table, Will Travel
  • CHAPTER 33:The Magnificent Massage Chair
  • CHAPTER 34:Adopt-a-Highway
  • CHAPTER 35:Host a Free Seminar
  • CHAPTER 36:Newsworthy Events and Press Releases
  • CHAPTER 37:Promotional Giveaways
  • CHAPTER 38:Do Something Unusual!
  • CHAPTER 39:Share Your Space
  • CHAPTER 40:The Power of the Hand Written Note
  • CHAPTER 41:Massage Parties
  • CHAPTER 42:Public Access Television
  • CHAPTER 43:Monday Morning Scheduling Blitz
  • CHAPTER 44:Advertising in Unusual Places
  • CHAPTER 45:Conducting Research Projects
  • CHAPTER 46:Get a Grant for Doing Massage
  • CHAPTER 47:Getting Published
  • CHAPTER 48:Marketing to Athletes
  • CHAPTER 49:Start Your Own Support Group for Massage Therapists
  • CHAPTER 50:Be On Call
  • CHAPTER 51:Continuing Your Marketing Education
  • CHAPTER 52:Taking Stock: The Year in Review
  • Part IV: Trip Tips: Resources for Massage Therapists

    Introduction to the Appendices

    Appendix I: State Massage Therapy Boards

    Appendix II: Massage and Bodywork Associations

    Appendix III: Marketing Materials for Massage Therapists

    Appendix IV: Internet Resources for Marketing Massage

    Appendix V: Marketing Calendar

    Appendix VI: Recommened Books About Marketing


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