Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Runners Handbook or Sugar Bust for Life With the Brennans Part II

The Runner's Handbook: The Bestselling Classic Fitness Guide for Beginner and Intermediate Runners

Author: Bob Glover

If you're a runner, or would like to be one, The Runner's Handbook will answer all your questions about the sport. Fitness expert Bob Glover--who has trained thousands of runners--shows you how to:

  • Get motivated and stick to a routine
  • Devise a training program
  • Compete in races and marathons
  • Choose the best shoes, clothing, and accessories
  • Maintain good health and nutrition, with tips for stress and weight management
  • Integrate cross-training into your routine
  • Minimize and treat injuries
  • and much more.

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Sugar Bust for Life!... With the Brennans Part II

Author: Ellen C Brennan

The original Sugar Bust For Life! (ISBN 0966351908) was also published as Sugar Less For Life!...With The Brennans (ISBN 0966351916). The contents of these two books are the same.

Sugar Bust For Life!...With The Brennans Part II also serves as a second part to Sugar Less For Life!...With The Brennans. There will be no Part II to Sugar Less For Life!...With The Brennans.

What People Are Saying


We have mastered the easy, healthful lifestyle found in Sugar Bust For Life!...With The Brennans Part II. With many dining opportunities, we understand the challenge and the difficulties of following a low sugar way of life as well as the difficulties of abiding by most weight loss programs. In particular, we recognize the torment in resisting favorite foods as well as the associated guilt and dread of excess pounds.

In an effort to answer the most common questions a low sugar way of eating raises, we have done all the work for you in our latest cookbook and companion guide. We have created and revised many recipes, researched products for an extensive shopper's brand name guide and wine list as well as offer a fourteen day menu planner and tips for success. In Part II, you can learn easily how to read a label in order to avoid the many unacceptable "hidden" ingredients found in the popular foods we eat.

Our low sugar lifestyle makes us feel good and it makes us feel even better to know that we are helping you improve your eating habits, too. We have made no attempt to answer or address medical questions. Please be sure to check with your own doctors for medical answers.

Our Sugar Bust For Life!...With The Brennans Part II includes both delicious recipes and all the information you will need to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle -- so, what are you waiting for? Start today!

Bon Appetit!
Ellen and Ted Brennan

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